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Immortal Soul DVD

This four-part documentary mini-series explores the history and archives of the different eras of the hard rock/metal band Riot, spotlighting specific live performances from each era. Essentially it functions as a video encyclopedia of Riot’s 50-year career.

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On this episode Metal Mayhem ROC, we’re joined by Damian Kolodiy, Filmmaker & Founder of NYC ROCKS, a reality web series that follows people & bands active in today’s rock & metal scene. Damian, a NYC native currently residing in Germany, is promoting his new YouTube series covering the long history of the legendary NYC hard rock band, Riot: IMMORTAL SOUL: A RIOT TRIBUTE & CONCERT FILM. In our dialogue with Damian, we learn just how he discovered this under appreciated band decades after their formation, what inspired him to make this film series, & how he set out to what would result in a massive undertaking of a project. Far more than just a chronicle & timeline of the bands career, his unique twist to their story comes to life with the amazing volume of archival content contained in the episodes. With vintage concert footage, 8mm personal film, concert advertisements plus hundreds of never seen before photos obtained from the family & estate of Mark Reale, as the Filmmaker states, “It’s a great story. My goal is so Riot is not forgotten”.

Metal Mayhem Roc Interview
with Filmmaker Damian Kolodiy

The NYHC Chronicles LIVE! Ep. #301

An in depth conversation with guitarist Mike Flyntz from Riot V, who joined New York Hardcore Chronicles Show host Drew Stone and co-host Joel Gausten along with filmmaker Damian Koldoiy in a refreshing and in depth journey through Mike's career and all things Riot: the long and checkered history of the band, moving forward after the death of band leader Mark Reale, the upcoming release of the new Riot V Mean Streets album, and the new documentary film project "Immortal Soul".

You can check out the full episode at the Feckin' Metal Spotify page here:

Immortal Soul: A Riot Tribute & Concert Film Teaser